optimisation by Clickthrough

The Best Choices for The optimisation by Clickthrough

With each passing day, more and more photographers are looking for information on how to position themselves better on Google, as it is clear that a site with good content attracts more customers. But how to apply all the rules and tips found on digital marketing and optimisation by Clickthrough on the internet on your website?

Well, here we intend to explain in practice how the photographer can distribute his content in a simple and effective way for Google.

optimisation by Clickthrough

You may have read about generating content inbound in the form of a blog to get more relevance, but that does not necessarily mean having a lot of text written anyway. The text must contain the correct terms for your segment.

Google always tries to show the best content for the search performed.

Therefore, when inserting the content on your website, describe exactly what the photos are and not just the couple. So Google will better understand your content and get it right when showing it. But before we start, we need to do a simple and quick exercise, in which it will help you to distribute the content of your website and, in this way, define the navigation. The SITEMAP technique helps you to visualize how your website will look after it is ready.

The best photos with recent works

This recipe works very well for the photographer who likes to make an impact with his best photos, regardless of the time they have.

In addition to creating an access flow with the work done in chronological order.

See impact right away, because your photos speak more than any text.

But be sure to meet the requests of customers who want to show the photos to friends and family. So, the Portfolio option together with the publications of the most recent works, such as a gallery page or blog posts, fits very well.

This other recipe is suitable for the photographer who works in more than one area or likes to publish all the work done. Thus, it segments your content well and facilitates direct access, generating an access flow by type of content.

Seo Techniques

The EPICS platform websites help you a lot in this part. Therefore, you should only be concerned with correctly describing the desired content and adding your photos. Leave the technical part aside, as the website panel will automatically optimize your photos. The system will rename the files, generate more than one size for each photo inserted, in addition to applying the terms; everything automatically.

You may have read or heard of the marketing funnel, but how do you apply this technique to your website? Well then; in the past few years, I have seen and talked to many photographers, and the best: i applied, tested, tested, tested and checked the results. So you can say that currently, the photographer has focused a lot on the bottom of the funnel, but the biggest slice is above that most importantly, remember to think like a consumer and not a professional in your field.

Assembly the Funnel

The example I’m going to use will be that of a bride and, based on that, I’ll show you how to describe your content so that Google will position you at all times in the funnel.