Smart Buy and the Used Cars: What Do You Need

You can hire a state-certified specialist to examine the coveted vehicle. The members of the Syndicate of independent experts invoice these services from 140 to 350 $ depending on the level of the investigation requested. A sum quickly amortized because it allows to negotiate from 10 to 15% of the purchase price and to escape from long hours of research and personal travel. Specialized sites, such as and, offer the same service, with the help of an approved expert. The latter goes to the seller, sieves the car, conducts the road test and creates a thick photo folder. He is remunerated by a commission of 5 to 6% on the price of the vehicle. These services are recommended if you are not an expert in mechanics or if you do not have the time to devote to it. Additional services, such as home delivery of the car from $ 240 or registration $ 49 plus registration fees, are also available. A visit to makes things perfect now for you.

Secure the transaction

Buyers and sellers should take some precautions before closing a deal. Today, even a bank check is forged. Going through a trusted third party can avoid many setbacks. There are several possibilities for this. Sites like or thus guarantee payment between individuals on the Net. The buyer and seller only have to create an online user account after verifying their identity. When the buyer has transferred the funds to the provider’s escrow account, which is itself secured by a banking establishment, the seller can check his solvency. On the day of the sale, the buyer instantly transfers the money to the seller’s user account. After the keys have been exchanged, the seller can transfer the funds to his traditional bank account. This type of service is paid for by the seller $ 29, only in the case of a transaction, of course, and free for the buyer.

Flee sellers who are in too much of a hurry

Are they pressuring you to close the sale as quickly as possible, citing numerous competing offers or giving you a substantial discount if you sign up during the day? Keep a cool head and always take at least 24 hours to think before paying any amount. Take advantage of this delay to verify the identity of the seller which must always be that of the gray cardholder during a transaction between individuals. Often, the rush conceals an anomaly pledged vehicle, unpaid credit, even a scam stolen or made-up vehicle. Also, beware of early resale. If the registration certificate was only issued a few weeks before, be careful: there is nothing to justify such a quick transaction you are getting a nasty surprise. An opportunity is not acquired in a hurry. You will then be able to decide whether the deal is worth it or not.

A Well Written Ad

The description of the vehicle must be as complete as possible make, model, version, color, month and year of entry into service, mileage. Compare the price displayed to the Auto plus Occasions rating, knowing that it includes a negotiation margin. Beware of ads that only have a mobile number: in case of problems later, you may find it difficult to reach the seller. On the phone, test it to make sure that it is the owner of the vehicle and that it answers your questions without hesitation maintenance, invoices, and types of journeys made the general condition of the car, the reason for the sale.