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Types of residential property that you need to purchase

When you are out there and it is time to buy a house. First, you will need to understand the type of house you need to buy and it is also very important to note that you should know what is available and you should know the type of lifestyle that is going to happen to you once you buy the house. You mighty also need to evolve to a different house, if there will be a difference in trend in 5 to 6 years. Daintree Residence is a condo that is popular and situated in Malaysia.

There are many types of residential buildings that you can easily choose from. First, you should know the types then only you will able to choose the right one based on your needs. There are many websites that allow you to search for the particular type of house you will need in the location that you prefer. Below is a guide that puts ahead of the benefits of buying a house that will suit your need.

Single-family house

Single-family homes are often abbreviated as SFH. These homes are the ones that are built in a single lot and there are no shared walls. sometimes these single-family houses also known as SFh’s has garages that may be attached or detached to them.

Pros of an SFH

The single-family homes give you more private space, you will have more privacy in SFH’s when compared to the other types of homes. This type of home also comes with a front yard and also a back yard. Since you do not share any walls or the property with anyone you will have all the space you need and you can be more choosy on the design you need to choose and the type of house and everything since no one ois dependent on you, you are independent in choosing the type of house you want. You will all have more reliability when you resell the house and the value of an SF is more when compared to the condos and the townhomes altogether.

Daintree at Bukit Timah

Cons of buying a single-family home

The SF type homes require a lot of maintenance and the cost of all the maintenance should be handled by a single person only. There is no cost-sharing. With the condos and the townhomes. The cost of the maintenance is shared among the people who live there. Everything right from the roofing, plumbing, and building are all shared costs.


Condominiums are also known as condos widely. These are single units within a large building. The condos usually share a wall with the other units within the community and generally these condos come with homeowners associations that will require the residents to pay a monthly due. These dues are basically combined and shared for the purpose of maintenance. There are even yearly dues in the condos, these types of homes are popular in urban and high-density areas where the city is filled with restaurants and shops. The pro is that a condo will only require a minimum of maintenance and the cost of the maintenance is shared among the people who stay in that community or building.