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The best financial options for buying a new van

It is always confusing to choose the best deal for buying a car. You will be confused on should you buy a car or lease it? Or what kind of financial loan you should prefer or should you just give your savings upright for a new car. And also there are different models of financial options you can take. You can look for click here to get a better solution to your van finance.

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While buying a new van for your business may seem nice and good. It is also quite hard to maintain. Everything has its own pros and cons. So it is good to analyze what you have to say and then say it accordingly. There are many buying options that you can take into account. Some of the buying options are

  1. Bank Loan
  2. PCP
  3. Leasing
  4. Contract Hire

Bank Loan

The banking and financial sector has changed drastically because of the loans that they had to offer. They provide a lot of customer-friendly benefits and also there are so many other private sectors or companies that are ready to provide a loan. Because of this vast majority of options available for loan. It will be easy for the consumer to compare the rates among them and then decide on which l=bank or the private company to apply for the loan.

The important thing to note here is that the finance or the loan that you are taking will not be connected to the vehicle you are driving. The vehicle will be yours while the loan will be tied to your business. The vehicle will however become the asset.


PCP abbreviates for personal contract purchase. PCP is when you actually give a deposit t the lender and the rent the vehicle. Then you continue to pay a monthly amount to the lender at a fixed rate for a particular number of years. Upon completion of the number of years that is agreed the vehicle will become yours and you can take the vehicle without any considerations or complications.

But, remember that you don’t own the vehicle until your PCP agreed year is completed. Only if that is completed you can be declared as the owner of the vehicle. Until that the van will not count into your asset accumulation.


The main benefit that you can get out of leasing a vehicle id that you no need to spend money on the maintenance. The maintenance is totally taken care of by the company that lent you the vehicle. Most of the companies that lend a vehicle will come with a maintenance cost package so that you no need to spend any money on the vehicle. It will obviously not become your asset. You can simply return the vehicle back to the company once your lease period is covered. In this way, you will set yourself into a minimum or no risk at all.

Also, the lease will help you cut the cost of buying the vehicle or using the PCP method to buy a vehicle. You will have the opportunity to lease a vehicle once every two to three years.