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Smartest Options in SMS Verification Process

To receive online SMS, you will have to clearly provide the telephone number you have selected to the service that requests the verification by SMS and then periodically reload the SMS web page in question until you receive the message for you. For the sms receive options, this is the best bet.


There are many services that you can use to receive SMS online, and the Internet site Receive-SMS is one of these since it is a solution that works in a similar way to those already proposed. To use Receive-SMS to receive online SMS, click to connect to the main page of the service, find the phone number you prefer from the Demo Numbers list and then click on it to read the SMS.

sms receive

In the new tab that opens, you will be able to view the SMS Messages Received On tab phone number you chose. To identify the messages addressed to you, take a look at the entries in the From column  to identify the sender, while to read the SMS and the time of receipt uses the Message  and  Time columns, respectively.

The Receive-SMS website is free, but if you wish, you can purchase a virtual phone number using the Receive-SMS service. The prices for the purchase of a number vary depending on the time period in which you want to use the purchased number. The minimum price is 3 $ for the purchase of a number for a period of 3 days up to the maximum price of 1008 $ for the use of 100 numbers for the duration of 1 year. By purchasing a number, you will receive data by email that will allow you to log in to the website in question.


If you don’t like the services to receive an online text message that I have just suggested to you because using public telephone numbers, you can opt for Twilio. This is a Web service that after registering an account, allows you to get a free phone number on trial.

To receive online text messages with Twilio click here to connect to the main page of the service, fill in the fields displayed by entering the required data in order to start the registration procedure and then presses the red button Get Started.

On the page that appears later, Twilio will ask you to enter your phone number so you can send an SMS to verify your identity. To work around the obstacle, experts suggest you enter a public telephone number in the Phone Number field that you can obtain by using the services experts have previously indicated. In this case, remember to change the country of origin by clicking on the flag icon. Then click on the Text Me button.

Now, wait for the SMS to be received with the verification code and once received, enter it in the appropriate field. Enter the captcha code below and then press the red button to complete the registration procedure for the service.

On the page that will subsequently open it presses on the Phone Numbers button in correspondence of the Super Network section. In the screen that opens, press the Get Started button and then Get your first Twilio Phone Numbers and wait for the service to find a phone number for you. If you like your phone number, please click on the Chose this number button.