quora partner program

Greater Choices for the Smart Results in Quora Partner Programs

Obviously, you have a website or a blog and you want to monetize it make money on advertising, but you do not have enough direct orders or advertisers or there is no possibility or desire to search for them? Then it’s really easier for you to find a good and reliable affiliate program that will monetize your site. It is enough to choose an advertising format and place the code. The use of the quora partner program is essential there.

quora partner program

What traffic should my site have?

Many serious affiliate programs, first of all, pay attention to site traffic and its content. You should start searching for a suitable affiliate program if your resource has traffic from 500 unique visitors per day. With less traffic, your site may not be moderated. You should also pay attention to the content of your site (content). Sites with good content and easy navigation, as a rule, have a good, active audience, they are higher in search results and therefore receive more traffic. Make sites for people, not for advertising.

Determine your attitude to your site: is it a hobby or a business for you? If you plan to get good money, then you need to take this seriously: engage in your resources, develop it and spend not only time on it, but also money invest in promotion, content, promotion.

What to look for when choosing an affiliate program?

We recommend, first of all, to pay attention to the following points:


Today there are quite a lot of affiliate programs offering good conditions. Every month dozens of new ones open and close here. If you find a new affiliate program hereinafter PP, you should take care that you study the reviews about it among other masters so as not to become a victim of fraud. If many people speak of some affiliate network badly on thematic resources and give facts of deception and fraud, then what’s the point of checking on yourself whether you will be deceived or not?

Possible earnings

Here it should be remembered that if the PP pays 2 times more than its competitors, this is a risk factor. Often, scammers act this way, luring more traffic to themselves in order to disappear later. This can be compared with interest on bank deposits all banks promise you approximately the same rate of% for your savings, and if some new bank offers 2 times more, this is likely to arouse the interest of newcomers and suspicion about experienced.

Schedule and payment methods

It is perhaps the main criterion for choosing a partner. A good PP has a clear payout schedule and always pays for it without delay. Beware of software that promises payouts every day. With normal business processes and serious advertisers, this is not possible. Most likely, such PPs are not engaged in a completely legal business. The normal payout schedule is considered to be 14-30 days for comparison in Europe 30-60 days. In some networks, it is possible to receive payments upon request for example, with us. Pay attention to the line of payment systems with which you can get your money. There should be several of them this means that the PP is firmly on its feet.