Why You must always believe in God?

Faith is a magical thing. It can turn the impossible into possible and blesses you in unexpected ways. It infuses immense strength, optimism, and peace inside you. Faith literally means believing in what you cannot see. It’s all about having trust in the power of the universe.

Here are a few reasons why we must always have faith in God and how spiritual awakening can alter our lives for better :

  • To be successful in life, you must try building a relationship with the Lord because he is the ultimate power of this universe. He is the source of your strength and you must learn to have faith in his power.
  • Have a grateful heart. Always try to maintain constant communication with the lord, by thanking him for all the things and people he has blessed you with.
  • Seek strength and wisdom from him in your prayers. Your prayers never go unheard. Lord blesses you with ample endurance and vigor to fight all kinds of days in your life. Therefore, always seek his blessings and have faith in his mercy.
  • Have belief in his plan. There are times when things may not go your way, but that does not mean that God is not looking upon you. You must learn to find good in whatever life serves you with, maybe God’s plan is different and better than yours, so always have patience and believe in him.
  • Try to look for that faint light even in the darkroom. Never ever let yourself drown in darkness, have faith and discover the good behind every gloomy day.
  • Do not let any situation or any individual shackle your faith, stay determined and loyal in all phases of life.
  • Do not just run after materialistic things, because they are anyway going to fade off sooner or later. What goes along, is love and faith. Hence, appreciate all the love you are bestowed with.
  • Do not let anybody’s opinion dictate you. Do what feels right. Have faith in yourself and almighty’s grace on you.
  • Do not mess up your head by having multiple emotions of faith and stress. Learn to choose faith always, because it eliminates your stress and lets you relax and believe in the energy of the universe.
  • Faith injects confidence inside you and makes you fearful. When you believe that the Lord is always there for your rescue, nothing ever scares you.
  • Do not fear to dream. When you have faith inside you, no mountain will ever seem impossible to climb.
  • Faith never lets you fall. Even if you do, it picks you up always and instills a fresh tonic of endurance in you.
  • Remember everything is eventually going to work out. Do not let anything disturb you so much. No matter how bad a situation is, eventually everything is going to fall into the right place. Maybe the process takes a little time, but have faith and gather yourself. Nothing is irreparable, no pain is constant, so just believe in your destiny.
  • Work hard. Every time life hits you, hit back harder. Hard work never goes in vain, so don’t let anything slow down your pace. Have faith and sooner or later, you shall reap tremendous windfalls.
  • Do not let anyone discourage you. It’s YOU, who knows you the best, so don’t let people tell you that. Be aware of your capabilities and have faith in the universe.
  • It is rightly said that what you seek is seeking you. Therefore, always have positive thoughts and seek your dreams. All you wished for, will land up to you only if you believe it will.
  • Have trust in God because sometimes we cannot figure out what’s correct for us, but God always knows what is best. Be patient and see what more life has for you in-store.
  • Life is a blessing, appreciate every moment of it. What you think is bad, might still be good. Therefore always admire the little things of life.
  • Count your blessings. If you sit back and think, you may find a hundred good things to be grateful for. Do not undermine anything or individual you are blessed with. Counting your blessings gives you another array of hope and faith.
  • Life is transient, at the end we will all head back to our Lord. So, your ultimate goal should always be to impress him, not anyone else on the planet. 
  • Take out time for self-realization. Analyze your thoughts, your dreams and your actions towards achieving it. Trust your capabilities and formulate an action plan.
  • Do not let hatred make a place in your heart. Love is the best emotion you can feel, it instills peace and faith inside you. Share every ounce of love inside your heart with people around you, including your enemies.
  • Be kind. As it’s rightly said, no act of kindness is ever wasted. If you do good to others, God sees that and bestows his grace on you.
  • Do not be stubborn and impatient. Have faith in God’s timing and wait for his mercy.
  • The Bible never tells you to stress or worry about anything, it only tells you to have faith in God, so do not lose your devotion ever.