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Veterinary Health Markets

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Veterinary Health Markets

Veterinary health products, including veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologicals and medicated feed additives (MFAs), have transformed the health and welfare of livestock and companion animals worldwide. The range and complexity of animal health products continues to expand, encompassing anti-infectives, parasite controls, reproductive aids, metabolic drugs, feed additives, antibiotics, vaccines, topical solutions and imaging diagnostics as well as novel treatments for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. This TriMark Publications report provides a detailed analysis of the global veterinary health market, including common diseases in cattle, pigs, poultry, dogs, cats and horses; veterinary non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs); antibiotics; veterinary antifungal drugs; veterinary anthelmintics (parasiticides); veterinary biologics (vaccines); veterinary diagnostics; and animal feed additives. This report also provides a thorough analysis of the companies known to be marketing, manufacturing or developing veterinary health products as well as detailed tables and figures covering veterinary health markets around the globe.

1. Overview 191.1 Scope of this Report 191.2 Methodology 201.3 Executive Summary 211.4 Animal Health Industry Facts at a Glance 24 2. Animal Diseases: An Overview 252.1 Diseases from Animals to Human Beings 252.2 Common Diseases in Cattle 252.3 Common Diseases in Pigs 272.4 Common Diseases in Poultry 292.5 Common Diseases in Pet Dogs 312.6 Common Diseases in Cats 322.6.1 Heart Diseases in Cats and Dogs 332.6.2 Immunization for Companion Animals 342.6.3 Ticks in Companion Animals 342.6.4 Fleas in Companion Animals 342.6.5 Worms in Companion Animals 342.6.6 Kidney Insufficiency in Companion Animals 352.6.7 Arthritis in Companion Animals 352.6.8 Pet Diabetes 352.6.9 Cancer and Cancer Therapy in Companion Animals 362.6.9.1 Types of Cancer Treatments 372.7 Common Diseases in Horses 382.7.1 Cushing's Disease 382.7.2 Tetanus 382.7.3 Equine Encephalitis 392.7.4 West Nile Virus Diseases Caused by Ticks 392.7.5 Lyme Disease Caused by Ticks 393. Veterinary Medicines: An Overview 403.1 Veterinary Pharmaceuticals 403.2 Veterinary Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) 403.3 Antibiotics 413.4 Veterinary Antifungal Drugs 413.5 Veterinary Anthelmintics (Parasiticides) 413.5.1 Internal Parasites and Parasiticides 423.5.2 Available Parasiticides (Dewormers) for Cattle 423.5.3 Deworming in Horses 433.5.4 Common Internal Parasites in Horses 453.5.5 Equine Deworming Products 453.5.6 Classes of Dewormers Used by U.S. Horse Owners 453.5.7 Purchase of Dewormers by the U.S. Horse Owners 463.5.8 Sources of Horse Health Information for the U.S. Horse Owners 473.5.9 Equine Deworming Programs 473.5.10 Drugs for Deworming in Horses 483.5.10.1 Benzimidazoles 493.5.10.2 Tetrahydropyrimidines 493.5.10.3 Heterocyclic Compounds 493.5.10.4 Macrocyclic Lactones 503.5.10.5 Isoquinoline-Pyrazines 503.5.11 Deworming for Mature Horses 503.5.12 Target Parasites in Horse Deworming 503.5.12.1 Tape Worm 503.5.12.2 Bots 513.5.12.3 Large Strongyles 513.5.12.4 Small Strongyles 513.6 Veterinary Biologics 533.6.1 Types of Veterinary Biologics 533.6.2 Status of Veterinary Vaccines 533.6.2.1 Veterinary Viral Vaccines 543.6.2.2 Conventional Live and Inactivated Viral Vaccines 553.6.2.3 DIVA Vaccines 563.6.2.4 Molecularly-Defined Subunit Vaccines 563.6.2.5 Genetically-Engineered Viral Vaccines 563.6.2.6 Live Viral Vector Vaccines 563.6.2.7 DNA Vaccines 563.6.2.8 Conventional Live Vaccines 573.6.2.9 Veterinary Bacterial Vaccines 573.6.2.10 Gene-Deleted Vaccines 603.6.2.11 Subunit Vaccines 613.6.2.12 Vaccines Against Zoonotic Bacteria 613.6.2.13 Veterinary Parasitic Vaccines 613.6.3 Animal Vaccines: Development, Registration and Production 613.6.3.1 Research and Innovation 623.6.3.2 Vaccine Types 643.6.3.3 Vaccine Development 643.6.3.4 Vaccine Registration 653.6.3.5 Vaccine Production 653.6.3.6 Adenoviral Vectors as Veterinary Vaccines 653.6.3.7 Live Recombinant Vaccines 653.6.4 Vaccinations for Swine Herds 663.6.5 Equine Vaccinations 673.6.6 Canine Vaccination 683.6.6.1 Core Canine Vaccines 683.6.6.2 Non-Core Canine Vaccines 693.6.7 Feline Vaccines 693.7 Other Veterinary Drugs 703.7.1 Antivirals 703.8 Veterinary Diagnostics 713.8.1 Immunoassays 723.8.2 Competitive Immunoassays 723.8.3 Sandwich Immunoassays 733.8.4 Animal-Site Rapid Immunoassays 733.8.5 Nucleic Acid Testing 733.8.6 Market Drivers 733.8.7 New Products in Veterinary Diagnostics 753.9 Animal Feed Additives 763.9.1 Types of Feed Additives 763.9.2 Enzymes 773.9.2.1 Enzymes for Breaking down Carbohydrates 773.9.2.2 Enzymes for Reducing the Phosphorus Burden of the Environment 783.9.3 Probiotics 783.9.4 Vitamins and Minerals 783.9.5 Pigments 793.9.6 Antibiotics 803.9.7 Preservatives 813.9.8 Amino Acids 813.9.9 Buffers 813.9.10 Magnesium Oxide 823.9.11 Niacin 823.9.12 Rumen-Protected Choline 823.9.13 Methionine Hydroxy Analog (MHA) 823.9.14 Ionophores 823.9.15 Yeast Products 833.9.16 Yucca Extract 833.9.17 Biotin 833.9.18 Zinc Methionine 833.9.19 Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids 833.9.20 Antioxidants 844. Global Livestock Production and Consumption: An Overview 85 4.1 Livestock Production for a Growing World Population 854.2 Cattle Population in Selected Countries 864.2.1 Exports and Imports of Beef and Veal 884.2.2 Revised Forecast for Beef and Veal in 2014 894.2.3 Beef Consumption in Selected Countries 904.3 Swine Population in Selected Countries 904.3.1 Higher Global Production of Pork 924.3.2 World Imports and Exports of Pork 944.3.3 Pork Consumption in Selected Countries 954.4 Expanding Global Broiler Meat Production 964.4.1 International Exports and Imports of Broiler Meat 964.5 Turkey Meat Production and Consumption 984.6 North American Cattle Inventory 984.6.1 U.S. Production of Livestock 994.6.2 U.S. Production of Cattle and Calf 1004.6.3 U.S. Meat Consumption 1014.6.4 Beef Consumption in the U.S. 1024.6.5 U.S. Beef Export 1034.6.6 U.S. Pork Export and Import 1034.6.7 Canadian Livestock and Meat Industry 1054.7 Brazilian Meat Export 1054.7.1 Meat Production in Brazil 1064.7.2 Chicken Meat Export from Brazil 1074.7.3 Brazilian Beef Exports 1074.8 Pig Production in the U.K. 1084.9 Pig Production and Exports for Denmark 1094.10 Japanese Imports of Pork 1095. Companion Animals: An Overview 1115.1 The Power of Pets 1115.2 Pets as Companions 1115.3 Pets as Helpers 1115.4 Pets as Social Enablers 1115.5 Pets and the Elderly 1125.6 Pets, Children, Social Development and Family Life 1125.7 Global Population of Companion Animals 1125.7.1 Global Diet Trends for Dogs 1125.7.2 Global Diet Trends for Cats 1135.8 Global Pet Ownership 1135.9 U.S. Pet Population 1145.9.1 Pet Ownership in the U.S. 1155.9.2 Employment in Pet Health Sector in the U.S. 1165.9.3 Reasons for Pet Ownership in the U.S. 1175.9.4 Trends in U.S. Pet Industry 1175.9.5 Pet Care Market in the U.S. 1205.10 U.S. Horse Industry 1205.10.1 Income Level of Families with Horses 1225.10.2 Use of Horses in the U.S. 1225.10.3 Expenditure on Horses in the U.S. 1245.10.4 Vaccination for Horses 1255.10.5 Most Common Horse Health Issues 1265.10.6 Equine Herpes Virus Type I (EHV-1) in the U.S. 1275.10.7 Health Issues of Friesian Horses in the U.S. 1275.10.8 Most Common Health Issues in Friesian Horses 1275.10.9 Colic Frequency in USDA's General Equine Population and Friesian Horses 1305.10.10 Comparison in the Frequency of Reproductive Ailments in Friesian Horses 1315.10.11 Breakdown of Reproductive Ailments in Friesian Horses 1315.10.12 Skin Issues in Friesian Horses 1325.11 Canadian Equine Industry 1325.11.1 Horses in Canada in 2010 1335.11.2 Primary Uses of Horses in Canada 1345.11.3 Cost of Horse Ownership in Canada 1345.11.4 Economic Contributions from Horses in Canada 1355.12 European Equine Industry 1365.12.1 Pet Population Trends in the U.K. 1375.12.2 Pet Ownership Trends in the U.K. 1385.12.3 Pets in Germany 1395.12.3.1 German Consumer Trends 1405.12.3.2 Pet Food Product Developments in Germany 1435.12.4 Pets in Switzerland 1465.12.5 Pets in Canada 1515.12.6 Pets in Australia 1565.12.6.1 Pet Population Trends in Australia 1565.12.6.2 Pet Consumer Expenditure in Australia 1575.12.6.3 Australian Exports of Pets and Pet-related Products 1605.13 Growing Pet Business Sector in Japan 162  6. Animal Health: Market Analysis 1666.1 Role of Animal Health Industry 1666.1.1 Declining Number and Increasing Size of Animal Farms 1666.1.2 Surge for Organic Food 1666.1.3 Scarcity of New Vaccines 1666.1.4 Trends in Workforce 1666.1.5 The Bright Future of Nutraceuticals and Vaccines 1676.1.6 Use of Phytomedical Products and Metabolic Modifiers in Animal Health 1676.1.7 Influence of Transgenic Technologies and Genomics in Animal Health Market 1676.2 Evolution of Animal Health Market 1676.2.1 Global Animal Health Market Projection 1686.2.2 Global Market Trends in Animal Health 1696.2.3 Global Animal Health Market by Product Group 1706.2.4 Global Animal Health Market by Geography 1716.2.5 Global Veterinary Market by Species 1726.2.6 Top Players in Animal Health 1736.2.6.1 Zoetis' Animal Health Market Share by Species 1756.2.6.2 Merck's MSD Animal Health Market by Species 1766.2.6.3 Merial's Veterinary Business by Species 1776.2.6.4 Bayer's Animal Health Market Share by Species 1776.2.6.5 Elanco's Animal Health Business by Species 1786.2.6.6 Novartis' Animal Health Market Share by Species 1796.3 Sub-Sectors of Animal Health Products 1806.4 U.S. Veterinary Positions 1816.5 U.S. Market for Veterinary Health 1826.5.1 U.S. Veterinary Market for Food Animals 1836.5.2 U.S. Veterinary Market for Companion Animals 1846.5.3 Future of Animal Health Market in the U.S. 1846.5.4 U.S. Veterinary Service Industry 1856.6 Veterinary Market in Brazil 1856.6.1 Brazilian Veterinary Market by Species 1866.6.2 Brazilian Veterinary Market by Product 1876.6.3 Sales of Animal Health Products in Brazil 1886.6.4 Growth in Brazilian Animal Health market 1886.6.5 Proportion of MNC and Local Animal Health Companies in Brazil 1896.6.6 Growth Rate in Brazilian Animal Health Market 1906.6.7 Competitors in the Brazilian Market 1916.7 Veterinary Market in Mexico 1916.8 Animal Health Products Market in Europe 1926.8.1 Animal Health Market in U.K. 1936.8.1.1 U.K. Sales of Veterinary Medicines by Legal Category 1956.8.2 Veterinary Industry in Slovakia 1956.8.2.1 Veterinary Market Demand in Slovakia and Import of Veterinary Vaccines 1956.8.2.2 Slovak Exports of Veterinary Vaccines 1966.9 China's Booming Animal Health Domestic Market 1976.9.1 Great Promise for Vaccines in China 1986.10 Veterinary Market in India 1996.10.1 Indian Veterinary Market Size 2006.10.2 Indian Animal Health Pharmaceuticals Market 2006.10.3 Indian Animal Health Market Share by Species 2016.10.4 Animal Health Market in India by Product Type 2026.10.5 Indian Market for Animal Feed Additives 2036.11 Global Market for Veterinary Vaccines 2046.11.1 Veterinary Vaccine Market by Geography 2056.11.2 Global Veterinary Vaccine Market by Species 2056.12 U.S. Veterinary Vaccine Market 2066.12.1 U.S. Market for Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines 2076.12.2 U.S. Investment in Research and Development in Veterinary Health 2076.13 Veterinary Market for Companion Animals 2086.13.1 Big Pharma's Interest in Companion Animals 2086.14 U.S. Pet Care Market Trends 2106.14.1 Pet Insurance in the U.S. 2106.14.2 Common Pet Conditions Eligible for Insurance Claims 2136.14.3 Generics in Pet Drug Market in the U.S. 2146.15 Expenditure on Companion Animals in Australia 2156.15.1 Veterinary Services for Pet Animals in Australia 2166.15.2 Overview of the Australian Veterinary Industry 2176.15.3 Manufacturing of Veterinary Products in Australia 2186.16 Global Market for Animal Feed Additives 2186.16.1 Major Components of Animal Feeds 2206.16.2 Primary Customers of Animal Feed Additives 2206.16.3 Market Drivers in Feed Additives 2216.16.4 North American Market for Animal Feed Additives 2216.16.5 European Market for Animal Feed Additives 2226.16.6 Asian Market for Animal Feed Additives 2236.16.6.1 Indian Market for Animal Feed Additives 2236.17 Global Market for Antibiotics in Animal Feeds 2246.17.1 U.S. Exports of Antibiotics for Feed Production 2256.18 Exports of U.S. Micro-Ingredients and Supplements for Feed Additives 2286.19 Global Market for Animal Feed Enzymes 2286.19.1 Ruminant Products 2296.19.2 U.S. Exports of Enzymes for Feed Production 2296.20 Vitamins as Feed Additives 2306.20.1 U.S. Exports of Vitamins for Feed 2316.20.2 U.S. Exports of Vitamin C for Feed Production 2326.20.3 U.S. Exports of Vitamin A for Feed Production 2336.20.4 U.S. Exports of Vitamin E for Feed Production 2346.21 U.S. Exports of Benzoic Acid for Feed Production 2346.22 U.S. Exports of Yeast for Feed Production 2356.23 Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) 2366.24 Aminoacids in Animal Feeds 2376.24.1 The Quality of Proteins Required for Animal Feeds 2376.24.2 Global Market for Aminoacids Used in Animal Feeds 2396.24.3 Global Production of Lysine 2406.24.4 Methionine in Feed Additives 2406.25 Poultry and Feed Additives 2416.25.1 Industrialized Poultry Production and Feed Additives 2436.25.2 Methionine Production 2436.25.3 Robust Demand for Methionine 2446.25.4 Demand for Liquid vs. Powder Methionine 2456.25.5 Supply of Methionine 2456.26 Canine and Feline Nutraceuticals 2466.27 Equine Nutraceuticals 2466.28 Sources of Nutraceuticals 2476.29 U.S. Market for Pet Nutraceuticals 2477. Company Profiles 2507.1 Abaxis, Inc. 2507.1.1 Selected Animal Health Products from Abaxis 2507.1.2 VetScan Chemistry Profiles 2517.2 Abbott Laboratories 2537.2.1 Alpha TRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System 2537.2.2 CliniCare Canine/Feline 2537.2.3 GLUture 2537.2.4 IsoFlo 2537.2.5 PropoFlo 2547.2.6 PropoFlo 28 2547.2.7 SevoFlo 2547.3 Adiagene 2547.4 Adisseo France SAS 2557.5 Ameri-Pac Inc. 2567.6 Aratana Therapeutics 2567.7 Avian Biotech International 2577.7.1 ABI's DNA Sexing from Feathers 2587.7.2 ABI's Dot-Blot Sexing 2587.8 BASF Aktiengesellschaft (BASF) 2587.9 Bayer Healthcare AG 2597.10 Biobest Laboratories Ltd. 2627.11 BioPharma Products, LLC. 2637.12 BioVet, Inc. 2637.13 BioZyme, Inc 2647.14 Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. 2647.15 CEVA Santé Animale 2647.16 CJ Corporation 2667.17 Conklin Company Inc. 2667.18 Dabaco Viet Nam Corporation 2667.19 Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 2677.20 DuPont Qualicon 2677.21 ECO Animal Health Group 2687.22 Elanco Animal Health, Inc. 2687.23 Eurofins Genomics 2697.24 Gene Check, Inc. 2707.25 Heska Corporation 2707.26 Huvepharma 2717.27 Idexx Laboratories, Inc. 2717.28 IWAKI & Co., Ltd. 2747.29 Laboklin 2747.30 Likarda, LLC 2747.31 Lohmann Animal Health International, Inc. 2757.32 Medika d.d. 2757.33 Med-Pharmex, Inc 2757.34 Merck & Co., Inc. 2767.35 Merial 2877.36 MetaMorphix, Inc. 2887.37 Microbix Biosystems, Inc. 2897.38 Momina krepost AD Veliko Tarnovo 2897.39 Mosaic Company 2897.40 Neogen Corporation 2907.41 Nika Biochemicals 2927.42 Norbrook Laboratories Ltd. 2927.43 Novartis Animal Health 2937.44 Novus International, Inc. 2947.45 OptiGen 3007.46 Orion Corporation 3027.47 Ortho-Equine 3027.48 Parnell 3037.49 PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. 3037.50 PetSmart, Inc. 3037.51 Phibro Animal Health Corporation (PAHC) 3047.52 Phylaxia 1912 Holding NyRt 3047.53 Piedmont Pharmaceuticals, LLC 3047.54 Prionics AG 3057.55 Randox Laboratories Ltd. 3057.56 Sequent Scientific Limited 3057.57 SmartVet 3067.58 Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company 3067.59 The Arab Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs Mfg. Co. 3067.60 VCA Antech, Inc. 3067.61 Velefarm ad Beograd 3087.62 Veterinarski Zavod Subotica ad Subotica 3087.63 Vétoquinol 3087.64 Vet-Stem 3087.65 VGX Animal Health 3097.66 Vical, Inc. 3097.67 Virbac SA 3097.68 Woogene B&G Co., Ltd. 3107.69 Zoetis, Inc. 310  

Appendix 1: U.S. Exports of Animal Feed 312

Appendix 1.1: Feed Products: An Overview 312

Appendix 1.1.1: Coarse Grains: Global and Domestic Production, and U.S. Export Prospects 312

Appendix 1.1.2: Wheat: Global and Domestic Production, and U.S. Export Prospects 312

Appendix 1.1.3: Oilseeds: Global and Domestic Production, and U.S. Export Prospects 313

Appendix 1.1.4: Fish Meal 314

Appendix 1.1.5: Meat and Bone Meal 315

Appendix 1.2: Compound Feed 316

Appendix 1.2.1: U.S. Exports of Complete Feed 316

Appendix 1.3: World Feed Crop Consumption 317

Appendix 1.3.1: World Consumption of Soybean Meal 317

Appendix 1.3.2: Global Feed Consumption of Corn 318

Appendix 1.3.3: Global Feed Consumption of Barley 319

Appendix 1.3.4: Global Feed Consumption of Fish Meal 319

Appendix 1.4: Tariff Matrixes for World Regions 320

Appendix 1.5: U.S. Trade Flow by Feed Ingredient and Region 323

Appendix 1.6: Animal Feed Consumption and Production in Caribbean and Central America 325

Appendix 1.6.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients 327

Appendix 1.6.2: Market Drivers 327

Appendix 1.6.3: Structure and Trends within the Industry 327

Appendix 1.6.4: Opportunities and Barriers 328

Appendix 1.7: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in China 328

Appendix 1.7.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed Ingredients in China 328

Appendix 1.7.2: Barley Feed Production and Consumption in China 330

Appendix 1.7.3: Fish Meal Production and Consumption in China 331

Appendix 1.7.4: Opportunities in China for Animal Feeds 332

Appendix 1.7.5: Likely Market Drivers in China 332

Appendix 1.7.6: Structure and Trends in Chinese Animal Feed Industry 333

Appendix 1.7.7: Key Ingredients in Chinese Animal Feeds 333

Appendix 1.7.8: Opportunities vs. Potential Barriers in China 333

Appendix 1.8: Feed Production and Consumption in East Asia 334

Appendix 1.8.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in East Asia 337

Appendix 1.8.2: Likely Drivers 337

Appendix 1.8.3: Structure and Trends of the Market 338

Appendix 1.8.4: Key Ingredients in East Asian Feeds 338

Appendix 1.8.5: Opportunities vs. Potential Barriers 338

Appendix 1.8.6: Niche Product Opportunities in East Asia 339

Appendix 1.9: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in Europe 339

Appendix 1.9.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in Europe 340

Appendix 1.9.2: Origination Markets for E.U. 342

Appendix 1.9.3: Likely Market Drivers in Europe 342

Appendix 1.9.4: Structure and Trends in European Animal Feed Industry 343

Appendix 1.9.5: Key ingredients in European Animal Feeds 343

Appendix 1.9.6: Opportunities in Europe 344

Appendix 1.10: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in FSU (Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) 344

Appendix 1.10.1: Likely Drivers of FSU Market 345

Appendix 1.10.2: Structure and Trends of Animal Feed Industry in FSU 345

Appendix 1.10.3: Key Ingredients in Feeds in FSU 346

Appendix 1.10.4: Opportunities and Barriers in FSU's Market 346

Appendix 1.11: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in Middle East 347

Appendix 1.11.1: Net Surplus/Deficit 348

Appendix 1.11.2: Key Drivers in the Middle East 350

Appendix 1.11.3: Structure and Trends in the Animal Feed Industry 350

Appendix 1.11.4: Key Ingredients Used 351

Appendix 1.11.5: Opportunities and Barriers 352

Appendix 1.11.6: Opportunities for Niche Products 352

Appendix 1.12: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in North Africa (Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia) 352

Appendix 1.12.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in North Africa 353

Appendix 1.12.2: Origination Markets for North Africa 355

Appendix 1.12.3: Likely Drivers in North African Market 355

Appendix 1.12.4: Structure and Trends in North African Animal Feed Industry 355

Appendix 1.12.5: Key Ingredients in North African Animal Feeds 356

Appendix 1.12.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 356

Appendix 1.12.7: Opportunities for Niche Products in North Africa 357

Appendix 1.13: North American (Canada and Mexico) Production and Consumption of Animal Feeds 357

Appendix 1.13.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in North America 357

Appendix 1.13.2: Principal Animal Feed Markets for Canada and Mexico 359

Appendix 1.13.3: Likely Drivers of North American Market 361

Appendix 1.13.4: Structure and Trends in North American Animal Feed Industry 361

Appendix 1.13.5: Ingredients in North American Animal Feeds 361

Appendix 1.13.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 362

Appendix 1.13.7: Opportunities for Niche Products in North America 362

Appendix 1.14: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) 363

Appendix 1.14.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in Oceania 363

Appendix 1.14.2: Principal Origination Markets for Oceania 364

Appendix 1.14.3: Likely Drivers for Animal Feed Markets in Oceania 364

Appendix 1.14.4: Structure and Trends in Oceanic Animal Feed Industry 365

Appendix 1.14.5: Key Feed Ingredients in Oceanic Animal Feeds 365

Appendix 1.14.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 365

Appendix 1.14.7: Opportunities for Niche Products in Oceania 365

Appendix 1.15: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in Other Europe (Croatia, Norway and Serbia) 366

Appendix 1.15.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in Other Europe 367

Appendix 1.15.2: Principal Origination Markets for Other Europe 367

Appendix 1.15.3: Likely Drivers of the Markets in Other Europe 367

Appendix 1.15.4: Structure and Trends within Animal Feed Industry in Other Europe 367

Appendix 1.15.5: Key Ingredients of Animal Feeds in Other Europe 368

Appendix 1.15.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 368

Appendix 1.16: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in South America (Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela) 368

Appendix 1.16.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in South America 369

Appendix 1.16.2: South America's Origination Markets for Animal Feeds 370

Appendix 1.16.3: Likely Drivers in South American Market 373

Appendix 1.16.4: Structure and Trends within South American Animal Feed Industry 373

Appendix 1.16.5: Key Ingredients in South American Animal Feeds 373

Appendix 1.16.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 373

Appendix 1.17: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in South Asia (India) 374

Appendix 1.17.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in India 374

Appendix 1.17.2: Principal Origination Markets for India 375

Appendix 1.17.3: Likely Drivers of Animal Feeds Market in India 376

Appendix 1.17.4: Structure and Trends within Indian Animal Feed Industry 377

Appendix 1.17.5: Key Ingredients in Indian Animal Feeds 377

Appendix 1.17.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 377

Appendix 1.17.7: Opportunities for Niche Products in India 378

Appendix 1.18: Animal Feed Production and Consumption in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) 378

Appendix 1.18.1: Net Surplus/Deficit 379

Appendix 1.18.2: Principal Origination Markets 380

Appendix 1.18.3: Likely Drivers of Southeast Asian Market 381

Appendix 1.18.4: Structure and Trends within Southeast Asian Animal Feed Industry 381

Appendix 1.18.5: Key Ingredients in Southeast Asia's Animal Feeds 382

Appendix 1.18.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers 382

Appendix 1.18.7: Opportunities for Niche Products 383

Appendix 1.19: Production and Consumption of Animal Feeds in Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa) 383

Appendix 1.19.1: Net Surplus/Deficit of Feed and Feed Ingredients in South Africa 384

Appendix 1.19.2: Origination Markets for South Africa 386

Appendix 1.19.3: Likely Drivers of South Africa's Animal Feed Market 386

Appendix 1.19.4: Structure and Trends within Sub-Saharan Market 386

Appendix 1.19.5: Key Ingredients of Animal Feeds in Sub-Sahara 386

Appendix 1.19.6: Opportunities and Potential Barriers in Sub-Saharan Market 387

Appendix 2: U.S. Dairy Industry 388

Appendix 3: Canadian Dairy Industry 395

Appendix 3.1: Organic Dairy Industry in Canada 396

Appendix 4: Global Poultry Market 397

Appendix 4.1: Changes in Industry Structure 400

Appendix 4.2: Poultry Market Horizons 400

Appendix 4.3: Areas of Increase 400

Appendix 4.4: Prospects for Global Broiler Trade 401

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