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About WTLH FOX49

The WTLH broadcast tower rises 2000 feet above Metcalf, Georgia, providing a higher signal quality and a greater reach capability - covering rural and outlying areas better than ever before. The households in southern Georgia and northern Florida benefit from this coverage, and so do the advertisers. It is important to realize that a strong broadcast signal is important when the need to reach as many viewers as possible is an advertiser's goal. The FOX network has been a leader in new and innovative television for years, providing entertainment and sports programming that has set the standard for other networks, both broadcast and cable. FOX provides successful programming such as Glee, American Idol, Bones, and the number one drama on television, House. These programs allow our station to target both men and women of all age demographics. FOX also provides sports programming such as Major League Baseball, NASCAR, ACC Football (including our own Florida State University), ACC College Basketball, and the NFL.

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E-mail: wtlhcc@fox49.com

Phone number: 850-504-2131