rénovation salle de bain

Smart Bathroom Renovation Options for You

One of the most used rooms in a house is certainly the bathroom, especially when there is only one in the house. If a renovation project is in sight, there will probably be a lot to watch out for. Not easy to navigate. Here are some tips to get a clearer picture and follow specific rénovation salle de bain goals.

A bathroom transformed using a custom cut stone sink. Elegance and contrast are in the spotlight in this designer bathroom. The Aqua shower will surprise you with its 378 jets controlled in 4 sections and its waterfall. It’s a novelty that you will not be able to do without.

Trendy ceramic for the bathroom

The collection in pastel colors is offered in 11 models in 3 different colors. Original and colorful for the bathroom, these tiles will give it a very trendy gypsy look. To suit busy and busy lives a large shower is sometimes more practical than a bath which we do not have time to enjoy. This alternative is both utility and design.

Trendy bath for the bathroom

In the bedroom, in a loft, in a traditional or modern bathroom, this exceptional bath is a decorative accessory in itself.

Everything lies in planning

Bathroom renovation projects are often motivated by solving two problems: making the space more practical according to user needs and modernizing the facilities. Thus, when developing plans for the new bathroom, it is essential to consider the number of people who will use the room, and how. If the bath is likely to be little used, for example, there is no point in buying the larger model, as it is better to focus on improving the shower.

As space constraint is often the biggest shortcoming of a bathroom, it is also necessary to provide sufficient storage. Otherwise, the counter will quickly be cluttered with miscellaneous items and no problems will be solved. Buying a practical sink cabinet with storage space under the sink and drawers is, therefore, a good solution, even if it means having the cabinet made to measure. Adding a wardrobe can also be useful. It has to be beautiful but above all simple and functional.

On the other hand, the selection of new sanitary facilities is another important aspect. Too many people do not try them and end up with inadequate facilities once the bathroom renovation is complete. So, the person who will use the bath the most should try various models to choose the one that best suits their needs. Likewise, it may be wise to check the height of the toilet so as not to choose one whose seat is too high or too low.

Plumbing and style

rénovation salle de bain

In general, a bathroom renovation is quite expensive. This is explained by the presence of plumbing. So, to keep a reasonable budget, the ideal is not to touch the plumbing by copying the original layout plan. However, this is not always possible, so it is better to decide according to priorities. For example, for a family that uses the shower a lot, it may be useful to relocate the washer-dryer combination to provide a separate shower. If the toilet is the first thing you see when entering, it will probably be tempting to arrange it differently.