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How to find a good SEO Service for small business

If you’re a small business owner and trying to grow your online presence, then SEO is an obvious thing. You probably buying services from any top SEO agency you found on Google first page. Now, let’s face it. Are you happy with the services your SEO agency providing? Are you getting the desired result, aka Seeing your website listed among the top 3 positions on the first page of Google when searching with your target keyword? Are you satisfied with the leads generating from your site? Chances are, you’d say a big “NO” to all of the questions above. And you’re not alone, that’s the story of over 80% small business owners who are trying to improve their online growth. Most of the small business owners are still looking for affordable search engine optimization service even after they already hired a top SEO agency; they want to switch their SEO agency, let’s find out why.

But you hired one of the top SEO agencies, so what can be wrong?

affordable search engine optimization

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. Like most other businesses, you probably hired some SEO agency who are among the top. You probably did your own research before you hired that agency. Let me tell you what you did. You searched in Google with terms like “best SEO agency in x” (x = area/town/city/state/country), and you went through the sites of every agency you found in the first page of the search result or maybe top 5 or top 3 only. You went through their websites, reviewed their packages, compared those packages based on your needs, you even read many reviews about them in forums and other sites, didn’t you? After all of these, you finally contacted them – you emailed them, called them, even visited their office (if they happen to have an office in your area/town/city) – and finally, you zeroed out to one agency you assumed would be best for your business. In short, you did not rush; you took your time and acted patiently. You made an informed decision, that’s great. And you’re not alone again! Most of the others did exactly the same as you did. So, we should ask ourselves, what went wrong?

Time for counter-question

To answer this question “what went wrong,” may I ask you a counter-question? Did this SEO agency, which you choose among the top 3 or 5 or 10, not improve your site’s ranking in Google than previously where it was? Did you not see any improvement in your traffic or lead? I know your answer, they actually did improve your site’s ranking, traffic and generated additional sales compared to what was before. But that’s not enough. Let me explain.

Here’s what went wrong

The SEO agency, of course, improved your online position, but compared to what they are charging, the result is not exciting at all. They tied you with their most premium monthly package. According to recent data, a small business owner in the USA spending 1-2K USD monthly for SEO. That’s a significant amount for a small business owner. Of course, The SEO agency is delivering the result, but the result is not well proportionate to their fee. They are merely over-charging you. As a small business owner, you’re feeling being ripped off.

Trust me; Most SEO agencies don’t want you to know this.

Here’s what they don’t tell you. You’re a small business owner, and like the majority of small businesses, most of your customers are coming from your local area. Like if you sell tire in palm beach, then most of your business interest must be based on palm beach only. Those top SEO agencies shove their most premium package into your throat, and those packages are focused on a much broader level, like the whole country, or even international. You don’t need that package!

What you need is a tailor-made SEO package based on your local area/town/city, which should be much cheaper and would be much effective. And best of all, it will help you to dominate the local online market in your niche. We are specialized in exactly that, local search domination for local small businesses