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Finding the Best of Vapor Works

If you only need one argument to convince your partner, your entourage or yourself, take this one. The electronic cigarette has many more advantages than disadvantages and is a precious help to accompany you when you stop smoking. You can choose the vapor store in NZ there.

Unstoppable, you are not yet convinced?

The feeling is almost the same

Electronic cigarette vapor

In the era we live in, everything is going very fast. Yesterday the first electronic cigarette was sold, tomorrow it will also make an alarm clock and perhaps even coffee with a little luck.

Currently, the e-cigarette can reproduce with great accuracy the sensations you experience when smoking tobacco.

  • You keep the gesture.
  • Similar principle: aspiration or expiration.
  • You feel the passage of steam in the throat.
  • The e-liquid in your e-cig may contain nicotine.
  • Comparable to the sensation felt in the throat just after passing tobacco smoke into your lungs, let’s call it the “ hit ”.

In conclusion, we do not upset the cognitive habits (gesture, sensation, smoke → vapor) of the smoker too much thanks to the vapor.

Less harmful than tobacco, not just a little

The subject can be debated at times, but the electronic cigarette is far behind tobacco in terms of harmfulness, it is clearly a victory by knockout:

  • The “classic” cigarette is more than 4000 chemical substances, many of which are toxic or even carcinogenic (60 substances identified as such).
  • A large part of this toxicity is generated by the combustion of tobacco: combustion tars, dangerous gases, etc.

The electronic cigarette meanwhile:

  • Zero tars, zero-carbon monoxide, and virtually no known harmful chemicals.

Here is for you a very good comparative video between vaping and tobacco, on the damage that your lungs suffer:

Does not contaminate your immediate environment

vapor store in NZ

Indeed, with the electronic cigarette you do not emit combustion fumes, so no tars! The exhaled vapor dissipates about 95% naturally in less than a minute.

So of course, you have surely already seen people emerge from immense clouds of opaque vapor… but that is another subject. And even when the steam persists and creates a kind of mist in the room, it’s a bit like when you cook pasta (in cold steam version).

But wait, that’s not all

Cheaper than tobacco

  • And that’s not anything. In here where tobacco is taxed at 80%, the expenses quickly become colossal, especially if you are a heavy smoker.
  • With a price between 7 € 50 and 9 € on average, the cigarette pack costs a blind as they say at home.
  • I’ll spare you the boring calculations and I’ll cite myself as an example:
  • Before we started vaping, we smoked about 1 pack a day (and sometimes more).
  • Old average monthly budget to refine my own assassination (and I’m not proud of it): € 250 / month.
  • Spoiler: we still smoke, but we have reduced my tobacco consumption phenomenally in a short time.
  • In my case, and thanks to the electronic cigarette, it’s about 15 less classic cigarettes per day.
  • On average, we consume between 3 and 7 cigarettes a day, especially after meals and when we consume alcohol.
  • For an initial investment of just over a hundred euros, stocks are made for one year of autonomous vaping.