Essential Options for the Halloween Dressups

During this crazy party, we are all tempted (yes, even parents!) To break the rules! After all, they say “running Halloween”. ┬áIt’s all about the safety of everyone, so yes, yes, you have to walk! And you must respect these rules that you will also repeat to your children. A visit to makes things perfect.

  • Cross the street at intersections, even though there is a decorated house on the other side! Go one side at a time.
  • Stay outside the houses and approach only those that are lit. A house in the dark October 31 sends a clear message.
  • Have a flashlight with you so that you can see where you put your feet, in addition to showing you by the motorists.
  • Sometimes, Halloween decorations include fire and candles, remind your children to always stay away, especially with a suit.

Make sure there is always at least one adult accompanying young children. For older people who want to run Halloween with friends, have them tell you what they will do, tell them when they will be back and suggest that they stay in small groups of 4 -5 people.

Watch the treats

Treats spoil little gourmets in disguise, but they can be extremely dangerous for young children or those with allergies.

If you accompany your child in his gourmet walk, you will be able to wait before you taste the treats that fall into the bag or at least check the candies as he wants to eat one. Once at home, take the time to thoroughly examine your little ones’ candies before they eat them.

  • Avoid treats without commercial packaging.
  • Pay attention to your children’s allergies.
  • Watch for soft candies, peanuts or very hard candies that could cause choking.

And adults?

Even though safety tips are said and repeated year after year, the monsters and princesses of this world still tend to invade the streets. If you have to use your vehicle tonight, triple your usual attention, especially when leaving your driveway. We can never know, when, one of them will cross the street! Vigilance is required at all times!

Halloween, birthdays, Mardi Gras, there are many opportunities for a child to dress up and wear makeup. But as explained by the choice should not be done innocently for the safety of the child. Indeed, some costumes can be dangerous because they involve risks of accidents. It recommends first to make sure to choose a short suit, at least well adapted to the size of the child. “He must remain free of his movements to avoid the risk of falls,” says the association. In the case of outdoor candy collection, it is recommended to choose bright colors or to add reflective stripes.

Important precautions

Halloween is an event that unfolds as temperatures cool, so do not forget to put warm clothes under your costume. Outdoor outings also involve focusing on makeup rather than a mask, as again, there is a real risk that the child will lack visibility, while cars and bikes can occur on the street. “It’s all the more important for Halloween, the date of which coincides with the change in the winter time, a period of excess mortality among pedestrians,” the association adds. Not to mention the risk that his breathing will be altered without him realizing it.