What does an Arborist do

The job of an arborist is to study arboriculture, and arborists specialize in tree care. They are knowledgeable about health and tree safety. Any community that wants healthy and valuable trees needs an experienced, trained, and certified arborist.

Arboriculture (from Latin arbor, -is = wood and colo, colere = cultivate) is a scientific and practical discipline that deals with the study as well as the planting, care and cultivation of trees , shrubs and woody shoots (perennial woody plants) primarily in urban areas for aesthetic reasons, so that man and plant coexist in a sustainable environment.
Arboriculture science studies how these plants evolve and respond to measures of care and the environment. Practices include all actions taken on and around trees to maintain vitality and prevent occurrences affecting their fitness including cultivation techniques such as taxon selection, planting, formation, fertilization, disease, and pest protection, pruning, shaping, filling the cavities, anchoring and when necessary removing – cutting. Arborists employ various devices and technology in their field, not only formal tools. These …

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How to buy spring cleaning for your home

Spring is the time of year when we all want to open our windows wide and enjoy our clean and fragrant home. If you are one of those who has delayed seasonal cleanup, here is a list of the best tips for such a work action. Some of them, though, take quite some time, but don’t be discouraged, because in the end your home will shine like when you moved in

1. Get up the ladder and get on the top shelves and drawers
Many are delaying the cleaning of hard-to-reach furniture like top shelves and drawers, as this is a big problem for them. If you commit to them once a year, take the time you spend mostly on the ladder cleaning and screening unnecessary items you want to get rid of.
And when you’re upstairs, don’t forget to peel the cobwebs that eventually catch on the upper corners of the walls and the ceiling.
‘With spring cleaning, your home can shine like you did when you moved in’…

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