hospital face mask

3-Ply masks are more effective than the 2-ply masks

A surgical mask is also known as the medical mask that is made for the healthcare professionals to wear while doing the nursing and surgery, and also to help stop infection of the surgical area or the patient by taking liquid drops that are excluded by the user.

Surgical masks for face:

The hospital face mask is mostly used by the people of East Asian republics to decrease the chance of spreading flying droplets virus and diseases and to prevent living in the aerial particles that are created by air contamination. At present, the deadly coronavirus has been spread among the people fast and you never decide that any of the people you spoke with have an infection or not. So we have to take care of ourselves. The person who gets affected by coronavirus may not confirm any indications for up to fourteen days, so we need to keep social distancing and wash our hands rapidly that is the only way to prevent us from being affected by any deadly disease.

To protect ourselves from the squelches of a human being we need to wear a face mask. The unavoidable statement is wearing the face mask is the only way to protect us from the deadly coronavirus. We need to wear masks in public faces like hospitals, temples, taxis, and buses.

hospital face mask

Kinds of masks:

The various kinds of masks are available in the shops like dust masks and basic hygiene masks, one need to choose the mask based on the place where he needs to wear it. Rather than the fashion masks the 3-ply medical masks are effective and help to prevent the deadly virus’s infection. The ordinary dust masks and two-ply masks are also in the market but they are not suitable for these pandemic times.

A perfect medical mask normally has three layers that include an outside hydrophobic non-woven covering and an internal lenient permeable non-woven covering, the various three layers of this medical masks have exact functions, the outer coating is made to prevent blood, body fluids and water and the middle coating is the serious highlight of a medical mask and it helps to stop the germs from outside to enter into the nose and mouth of the wearer, the inner coating is made to absorb the sweat, spit and water.

3-ply medical masks:

The 3-ply medical masks are similarly effective like N95 ventilators in stopping respiratory deadly viruses like corona and influenza. The basic fashion masks are mostly used by the healthcare specialists and many reusable masks are also available in the shops but are not so effective like the 3-ply masks.

Many of the masks have been made in the washable and reusable cotton and are mainly intended for air contamination or allergy but they can’t stop the infection of viruses and bacteria. There is no melt-blown sieve layer in the 2-ply masks so they are not useful to prevent the virus, bacteria, and mist, these melt-blown coatings are the major difference between the ordinary and surgical masks. There are many normal masks are available in the hops with 3 layers so while choosing the masks we need to be aware that the mask we choose is an original 3-ply mask.